SSL Protocol and Why We Need a Private SSL certificate

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. In the world of technology, it is one of the many protocols. This particular protocol creates an encrypted connection between the user and the server when an authorized certificate is in place.

A website that processes customer data through transactions such as credit cards, user registrations, and logins are required to have an SSL certificate installed. This creates the protection of customer data through 256-bit encryption.

Today, if a site does not have an SSL certificate Search Engines, especially Google will demote the credibility of the website. The reason being, if you are processing customer data without one you are running the risk of identity or credit card theft.  Therefore, in order to become compliant and secure, the type of SSL that you want to purchase is called a Private SSL.

How you know if a site is protected can be located in the browsers URL. Each browser displays this differently, but the overarching symbol is a secure padlock.  Some websites choose to also provide a  Site Seal informing visitors of how secure the website is.  Securing your website increases your ranking with Search Engines and potential customers.




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