Sync Your Google Calendar with Gravity Forms

Looking to block dates that are already booked on your Google Calendar? Our plugin achieves this in real time by syncing Google Calendar with the Gravity Forms Date Picker Element .

Gravity Forms is one of those plugins we fell in love with over 10 years ago. It’s flexible, has amazing support and longevity. We have been successful using this form creator with 99% of our WordPress projects.

Our Plugin: Google Calendar Sync For Gravity Forms

While working on a project for an “Airbnb style” website, we realized we weren’t able to make necessary customizations due to some limitations with the WordPress booking plugin. We tried! But the plugin simply couldn’t offer what we needed.

We turned to Gravity Forms. With a few Javascript snippets from them, the site began taking reservations.

However, we quickly realized the “date picker” did not sync with Google Calendar, which presented a problem. When a visitor booked certain dates on the website, because the “date picker” wasn’t syncing with Google Calendar in real time, reserved dates were not blocked and were double-booked. Yikes!  

After searching high and low we found some plugin options that tied into Google Calendar for product purchases and time slots. We tried to make those options work, but in the end we needed to block out not just dates, but entire ranges of days on the Gravity Forms Date Picker Element, and have it sync in real time with our calendar. For this reason, we came up with our own solution!

Block Dates on Gravity Form Date Picker

Google Calendar Sync for Gravity Forms works in real time and will block out dates on the Gravity Forms Date Picker Element. It syncs with your Google Calendar, up to 12 months out.

Who is this perfect for?

1. Anyone who wants to allow date ranges to be blocked on the Gravity Form Date Picker Element.

2. Anyone who wants to sync the Gravity Form Date Picker Element with their Google Calendar in real time.

3. Anyone who needs to keep someone from registering or booking particular dates on the Gravity Form Date Picker Element, to avoid double bookings.

4. Anyone who runs an Airbnb/rental with a check-in/check-out scenerio, in which the check-out date is left open for a new check-in.

Google Calendar Sync for Gravity Forms


No Recurring Fees

Unlimited Websites

6 Months of Product Support

Tested with GF Version 2.6.x 

If using GF 2.5.x or Legacy v. 2.4.x they will be available for download.

Need More Customization?

Try it for yourself

We use the Zapier addon to send your test immediatly to Google Calendar so you can see how our plugin keeps those reserved days specifically within the Gravity Form Date Picker Element blocked in real time. Try it out for yourself below!

In this example, you will see date ranges are blocked. You can block just one day manually from within Google Calendar. This plugin however will allow date range entries, which we have setup through Zapier to automatically enter into our Google Calendar. The page will reload and you can then look and see that your submission has now been blocked.

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Want to see how it works with a vacation rental check-in/check-out experience? Click Here!

If you want to connect the two date pickers and block past dates similar to our example, visit this particular landing page at Gravity Forms for instructions. Our plugin strictly grays out dates booked on your Google Calendar. Any other customization can be requested by emailing us at