Sync Your Google Calendar with Gravity Forms

Looking to block dates that are already booked on your Google Calendar?
Our plugin will sync your Google Calendar and
the Gravity Forms Date Picker Element.

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Block Dates on Gravity Form Date Picker

Google Calendar Sync for Gravity Forms works in real time. Meaning, the moment you create a Google Calendar event – the Gravity Forms Date Picker element will have it blocked. Currently, our plugin syncs with your Google Calendar up to 12 months out.


Who is this perfect for?

1. Anyone who wants to block date ranges versus time slots on the Gravity Form Date Picker Element.

Although, we have a plugin version not sold on the site for time slots.

2. Anyone who wants those date ranges blocked based on a specific Google Calendar.

3. Anyone who needs to keep someone from registering or booking particular dates on the Gravity Form Date Picker Element, to avoid double bookings.

4. Anyone who runs rental/reservation based website with a check-in/check-out scenario.


  • Date Picker Element greys out blocked dates.
  • Only permits free consecutive dates to be selected and submitted.
  • Simple to use.
  • Blocks 12 months out
  • New addition: Two Way Syncing


  • It only blocks dates
    • Contact us and pay an additional $370 for a two-way sync time slot version.

Google Calendar Sync for Gravity Forms


No Recurring Fees

Unlimited Websites

Two Way Syncing

1 Month of Product Support

Compatible with Gravity Forms 2.7 & higher

Compatible with PHP 7.4, PHP 8.0, 8.1 & 8.2

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