Domain purchase policy


Ally Drez, L.L.C is a reselling agent through API, not a registrar, therefore, it is the full responsibility of the customer to read carefully the registration agreement set in place by Namecheap, the Registrar currently used by Ally Drez, L.L.C. The customer is responsible to pay Ally Drez, L.L.C., for any fees related to purchasing, renewal or brought on by a “Redemption Grace Period” (“RGP”), set in place by Namecheap.

Late Payment

All customers are responsible for paying on-time. All services are billed according to the dates they were initially activated. If an invoice remains unpaid beyond its due date, there will be a 5-day grace period. All services will be terminated if the payment has not been paid after the 5-day grace period unless there was a prior written agreement set into place between Ally Drez and the customer.


Ally Drez, L.L.C., requires that all cancellations be made by the subscriber by canceling the subscription with their payment processor and in the Client Area on Ally Drez Web & IT Services website. In the event the customer cancels monthly subscription there is no refund provided unless a yearly subscription was paid in full. At such time, there will be a prorated amount refunded to the customer starting from the following month of cancellation unless action was performed within the first 5 days of a monthly billing cycle.